Expert Witness Testimony

I have testified approximately seventy-five times as an expert witness in cases where an interpretation of a litigant's accounting records is needed to help either side present the facts of their case.

My responsibility in such cases is to review the relevant accounting records and underlying supporting documentation in order to come to a conclusion as to whether they support or impeach the allegations made in the presentation of a case. I must document my conclusions and be prepared to defend them in the event that I am deposed or must testify in court.

There have been instances where my findings and conclusions have caused the attorney for my client to either change their strategy, become much more amenable to a settlement offer, or drop the suit all together. In other instances, it has led to even increased damages, and increased settlement offers.

I have qualified in six of the Superior Courts in California and five Federal Courts, and have given expert testimony on the following issues:

Perhaps the worst thing that can happen in such an engagement is to be retained too late to adequately prepare prior to testimony. There have been several cases where I was retained after the discovery cut off, only to find that there were additional documents that should have been obtained that were absolutely necessary to make my analysis. To prevent such a thing from happening, and yet being mindful that many attorneys are trying to avoid incurring costs when settlement is still possible, I have developed many lists of documents that can be requested during the discovery phase. If you will call me, or E-Mail me, during the early stages of discovery, I may be able to make such a list available for your use. This will reduce the chances of additional documents being needed after discovery cut off.

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