I entered public accounting shortly after graduation from California State University at Northridge in 1967. I worked my way up through the ranks by doing tax returns, financial statement audits as well as what we then called write up work. In 1978 I was made a partner in one of the largest public accounting firms in the United States. While that was a great professional achievement, it was not personally very satisfying. The closer I got to "the top" the more I found that my time was spent in management meetings, practice development (the Slurp and Burb Circuit) and less time spent serving my clients.

Finally, in 1984, I and two other partners from that old firm left and established our own firm. I was responsible for the professional services rendered to the firms clients. Tragedy struck the firm early in its development with the death of one of my partners. My responsibilities soon changed and I was back in the management position again.

In 1989 I established my own practice near my home, in Fullerton. I have no regular professional employees, and 95% of my time is spent doing what I enjoy the most - serving my clients. The advantages that I can offer my clients are:

In other parts of this web pages are sections that discuss the services that I provide. I offer a full range of services. Please take a look at the various types of services. Your questions can be sent by E-Mail or feel free to telephone me and I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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